High level of quality, high technology, innovation, proven experience, organizational and relational expertise, expert hands, but above all a big commitment and a great desire to do well for an high and sophisticated target: this is TREEMME.


Tradition and innovation are the two key words that have always represented and identified the Company TREEMME and its evolutionary history. A history completely unique and unrepeatable in the jewelry sector.

From the TREEMME’s history we can understand how since its first years of life, this company has distinguished itself for initiative and professionalism. In 1957 Enzo Dall’Avo during the installation inside a goldsmith’s company of a lathe produced by his factory, had the first relevant contact with the goldsmiths world.

This world linked to an ancient work and a charming knowledge captured his eyes and his heart, fascinated him and involved him at the point in which, over time, he will realize his dreams and his ambitions as a serious professional.

By increasing the knowledge of this sector he became more and more passionate about this world and this pushed him to start with courage and foresight a new business adventure, in a period in which the city Arezzo was not yet that fundamental pole of the precious metal supply chain that appears today.

In 1957, together with his inseparable wife Gisa, with whom he will then share his business, Enzo Dall’Avo founded his first goldsmith Company called: OMA 27 AR.

In 1982, after twenty-five years of hard work and constant deepening on the use of new production strategies, the enormous expertise accumulated through the years brought the Dall’Avo family to open a new Company, our TREEMME SPA, in which the founders with massive determination put in a copious dose of the goldsmith, technical, mechanical and commercial know-how already acquired through OMA 27AR, their first creation.

The new Company TREEMME, which name in Italian carries its fields of expertise, considering that it means three “M”: Macchine (Machine) – Minuterie (small metal products) – Monili (Jewelery), from the beginning does not disappoint the expectations.

By ensuring continuity to the classic processing techniques, it went towards a constant technological renewal entrusted to the experience of the owners and the fresh energy of their heirs.

Being strong to count on the highly professional mechanical technicians and the well-equipped workshop inside the company, in the ’80s, TREEMME went towards a deep research to interpret and produce the handmade chain, discovering and applying new methods every year.

Until the mid-90s, the technical and internal design developed an endless series of ideas: chains and bracelets with solid thread, with empty wire, with casting, with sheared or molded elements resulting from very special tube’s process, allowing TREEMME to deposit numerous patents, both industrial and ornamental, for the production of chains and locking systems.

Treemme today

In the last fifteen years took place an important business change, which brought our Company TREEMME to enter in contact with the most important international luxury jeweler brands. The growing interest in the production of high-quality gold and silver jewelery for third parties, with particular attention to luxury companies known all over the world, has gradually been added to the production of products for direct sales to wholesalers and retailers.

This new business management was succesful and brought TREEMME to a rapid growth. Today around the 80% of the turnover of our Company is attributable to this type of production orientation, compared to around 20% turnover still attributable to production under TREEMME own brand. The secret of this success depends on the high level of service offered by TREEMME to its customers. We are dealing with a complete and unique service, aimed at satisfying even the most authoritative and refined brand, thanks to the potential of our production processes and to the know-how and seriousness of our team in the commercial and client relationship field.

We offer a service from the design, to the prototype to the finished product, with high qualitative levels even for significant volumes. After years of experience and technical refinement on its own brand, which is still distributed on National and International markets, TREEMME can therefore be considered to all intents and effects a leading worlwide company, which can make its competence in the production methods available to the most prestigious brands, and that is dedicated to concentrating its energies on satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers. All this by working with determination, passion and professionalism.

TREEMME currently employs more than eighty employees at its factory, all highly qualified and divided between management, design, commercial, organizational and production staff.